Automate Data Collection, Analysis, and Collaboration for your Business Value Chain.

The ICIX Value Chain Governance Platform provides transparency and controls for your business for sourcing and supply chain management, safety & quality compliance, ESG and Diversity & Inclusion, and trading partner onboarding, information exchange, and performance management.


How ICIX Helps

Don’t Run the Risk of Bad Performance in Your Value Chain

Your business can’t perform without information. Without it – you’re at risk of bad performance, or worse, losing the trust of your customers, employees, and investors. ICIX helps companies manage information and eliminate risks by providing automated and ongoing transparency and assurance into your supply chain, trading partners, and the products and services you buy and sell.

Our Process


ICIX aligns data across your business value chain with reporting standards and frameworks to enable the transparency required about your products, partners, and practices by all your business stakeholders including: customers, employees, investors, and regulators.


ICIX automates the collection of information from your value chain partners and co-locates it with data from disconnected enterprise systems (and spreadsheets) into a single pane of glass to enable real-time transparency and insight.


ICIX monitors your data continually to provide insights that identify potential risks and data gaps before they become issues that can impact your company’s stakeholders and brands. Embedded Salesforce Einstein Analytics provide real-time intelligence and predictive, next-best-action insights.


ICIX connects you to all of your stakeholders and enables group based collaboration, searchable discussion threads, and customizable libraries to share information, educate, and facilitate dialogue to enhance the transparency of your business.

Who ICIX Helps

Seamless Solutions for the Enterprise

ICIX software solutions provide controls for managers and administrators that increase productivity and accelerate collaboration between internal and external partners. With ICIX, your senior leaders and stakeholders get the insight and answers they need to eliminate risk, reduce cost, and increase performance.

ICIX provides modular applications for end to end value chain governance.

Our Clients and Partners

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