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ICIX Announces Retail Network on Salesforce App Cloud

Were you invited to join ICIX by one of your customers or trading partners?

Did one of your customers ask you to join ICIX as part of their safety, quality, compliance or corporate social responsibility initiatives? Typically companies use ICIX to either request information from their trading partners or to respond to a request for information from customers.

ICIX provides a network and applications to facilitate this collaboration. There is no software to install - a browser is all you need to get started. Registration takes a couple of minutes.

Not only can you connect with, and reply to, customers already on ICIX, but you can invite all of your customers to join and view your information. In addition, you can manage your own supply chain through this same account.

ICIX Network Membership Overview

Trading Partner Network

A single cloud-based network to connect and communicate with your entire customer base as well as your own supply chain.

Collaborative Solution

Specialized applications facilitate effective, efficient collaboration. Simplifies participation in customer programs.

Secure Repository

Secure data repository to centralize information storage and access. Upload and store documents once - share as needed.

Unlimited Usage

Unlimited responses to trading partner requests and information sharing.

Centralized Processes

Single system to streamline collaboration across programs. Eliminates reliance on separate, siloed systems and manual processes.

Immediately and Easily Accessible

24/7 availability - accessible via browser with no software required.

Network Benefits

Ensure Compliance and Strengthen Customer Relationships

Improve Efficiencies, Reduce Manual Effort and Cost

Accelerate Order Flow by Expediting Compliance

Demonstrate Your Qualifications to Generate New Business

Leverage for All Customers and Your Supply Chain

Resources to Get Started

Resource Center

Resource Center

Company-specific program information for trading partners

Getting Started

Getting Started

It’s easy to set up your own ICIX account

Help Center

Help Center

Main help site for the ICIX solution

ICIX Applications to Manage Your Own Program

Powerful, easy to use applications that enable you to best manage your trading partner relationships as well as your own safety, quality and compliance programs.