Building a stronger network through great partners.

Our partners are a critical component of both our customers’ programs and the ICIX ecosystem. These valued participants integrate and collaborate directly with ICIX members to drive industry best practices and verify critical business and product information across safety, quality, compliance and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Standards Partners

ICIX works with standards bodies across industries and disciplines to capture information directly from these organizations and facilitate our customers’ adoption of their industry best practices. These partners include:

Laboratory & Certification Partners

In order to meet safety, quality and compliance requirements and make informed decisions about trading partners, companies often rely on validated data from third-party testing and certification companies. ICIX has integrated with the industry’s leading organizations and collects a range of validated data, including product test results, facility and factory audits, environmental, sustainability and social audits, product certifications and many other types of validated information for our customers’ programs. These partners include:

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