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Delivered on Salesforce, the World’s #1 Cloud Platform.

How Cloud Platforms Are Powering a Revolution in Enterprise Apps

Salesforce Platinum Isv Partner

ICIX has recently migrated our solution onto the Salesforce App Cloud. Delivered as a 100% native application, ICIX customers now gain the enhanced benefits of our solution built on top of the world’s #1 enterprise cloud platform.

Benefits of ICIX Delivered on Salesforce

Increased Business Agility

Built on a flexible, configurable platform, you can easily enhance and extend ICIX to grow and adapt as your business requires.

Fast Innovation Cycles

The Salesforce platform enables ICIX to rapidly deliver enhancements and develop new products. What used to take months now takes days.

Extensive Configurability

Significant customization can be accomplished through basic configuration without requiring engineering. We’ll teach you how.

Improved User Experience

The Salesforce Lightning interface provides an intuitive, modern user experience, with simplified workflows and a user-friendly interface.

Enhanced Mobile Access

Our entire application is optimized for mobile devices. All new forms and screens are mobile ready as soon as they are built.

Leading Edge Security

Delivering world class security and continually updated to the highest standards, ICIX and Salesforce protect your data and your business.

Aligning Business Customers with IT Organizations and Corporate Strategies

Cloud computing for enterprise is the new technology paradigm and IT organizations are seeing the benefit of committing to a strategic cloud platform. By moving core business applications to the cloud, companies can realize significant efficiencies in IT, reduce overhead and maintenance and enable the consolidation of disparate systems and platforms. 

Organizations that align with this shift can closely partner with IT in deploying new solutions quickly and driving significant business benefit. We'd love to talk with you about how ICIX on Salesforce can help your business.

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