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The ICIX Approach

The ICIX Network is the foundation of all our solutions, enabling efficient collaboration on Trading Partner and Product information – the two fundamental elements of any business relationship. Specialized applications span across our three core solutions and advanced analytics provides insight and intelligence to best manage your business.

Product Safety & Quality

Proactively manage and monitor your product testing and quality programs to address safety, quality, and regulatory requirements across global trading partner networks.

Product Safety is of paramount importance to the retail industry. Consumers expect that the products they buy are safe and that the companies they buy from operate with sufficient due diligence to ensure that protection. Product quality is also a critical focus for both retailers and manufacturers. The frequency of product recalls across the industry highlights many of the challenges that still exist. The cost of these issues and associated recalls exceed trillions of dollars annually. Companies without the tools and programs to proactively manage robust product safety and quality programs endanger both their customers and their company.

ICIX offers robust solutions to help our customers tackle these issues directly, and to proactively manage their product safety and quality programs to meet and exceed customer, corporate, and regulatory expectations. To learn how companies are benefitting from ICIX or how ICIX can help your company, please select the applicable industry segment.

Corporate & Regulatory Compliance

Protect your brand and improve margins by simplifying and streamlining compliance processes across your trading partner network.

Managing your trading partners' compliance with regulatory requirements as well as your corporate program can be a daunting task. Increasingly, compliance programs reflect a complex maze of overlapping regulatory authorities, advocacy groups and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), global terms of trade, and corporate policies. Companies need an efficient, automated, and centralized way to manage this information and these processes.

ICIX delivers a best practice-based compliance solution that provides transparency across trading partner networks. ICIX helps retailers and manufacturers protect their brands and cut costs by simplifying, centralizing and streamlining compliance processes. With ICIX, companies maintain their active trading partner network and easily connect to share, collect and analyze a range of compliance information. To find out how companies are benefitting from ICIX or how ICIX can help your company, please select the applicable industry segment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Collaborate with trading partners to manage, measure and improve your company’s social responsibility initiatives.

More than ever before, the way in which a company operates and the impact of a company’s programs and products on the rest of the world is of critical importance. Organizations of all sizes are recognizing the corporate, financial and brand benefits of operating in a socially responsible manner, not to mention the consequences of ignoring these topics. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives involve all trading partners engaged in all phases of a product’s lifecycle. These initiatives include Sustainability, Ethical Sourcing, Social Welfare, Anti-Human Trafficking, Health and Safety, Carbon Footprint, Water and Waste Management, among others.

ICIX dramatically simplifies the process of implementing measurable and verifiable CSR initiatives across global trading partner networks. With ICIX, companies can communicate their program requirements, gather and analyze trading partner information and benchmark performance. To find out how companies are benefitting from ICIX or how ICIX can help your company, please select the applicable industry segment.

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